Er det noen der oppe ??….

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  1. Dreama sier:

    Thanks for that! It’s just the answer I nedeed.

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  4. sier:

    What a ridiculous interpretation of Article 19.It's not between countries… It's basic self-determination. You are trying to make it sound as some bilateral dispute. It is not. It is simple case of denial of my human rights…

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  6. http://www./ sier:

    Neem dan wat Actuelere vragen:- hoeveel Beesies zijn er?- met hoeveel boeings zijn ze naar NL vervoerd?- welk bekend fotomodel staat op de foto met een Beesie?Â

  7. Thank you Sooooo much for mentioning Jott. I’m going on a photography road trip and this will be a great way to note where and when the photos were taken. Also, I’d be able to blog from the road. Wonderful![]

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